Payment Process

Do not pay the hacker directly. Pay through the site admin that only releases payment to hackers after customers approve delivery.
You can pay by Western union or Bitcoin.
If there is any doubt about payment or trade term, contact
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* How do I trust a hacker? You do not have to blindly trust anyone, simply trade through us ( and we will ensure fair trading between both parties
* Do I pay hackers directly? No. If a hacker asks for payment directly to his/her account, report to
* How can I avoid fraud? Strictly follow the payment process
* Can I pay by credit card No. Do not to pay by credit card or give out your credit card information to hackers even if you are in a hurry
* How can I report a hacker? Report to or fill the complaint form we review and suspend the hacker in violation of Zidexhackers policy..

We accept Bitcoin and Western Union

How to purchase bitcoins and send it.

Bitcoin is the primary form of payment that we accept, however we can accommodate other forms of payment for first time customers. We prefer bitcoins because it is easy, fast and to some degree protects the privacy of our clients. The video below provides detailed information about buying and sending bitcoin.


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