Blackhat Services

We offer a wide range of services that are associated with hacking

The Black Hat Team

A black hat hacker is an individual with extensive computer knowledge whose purpose is to breach or bypass internet security. Black hat hackers are also known as crackers or dark-side hackers. The general view is that, while hackers build things, crackers break things.


Find out if your boyfriend, girlfriend or spouse is cheating

Need ammo for a divorce

Did you forget your password?

Email cracking
Windows and Apple Password Cracking
Website Password Cracking
Database Password Cracking
Social Media Threats • Has your Facebook, INSTAGRAM ,SNAP CHAT Twitter or Google+ account been hacked? We can help get it restored and track the person who did it in many cases.

Computer Spying and Surveillance

Do you want to install spyware on a cellphone or computer?
Do you want to know if you have spyware on your computer?


Have you been hacked?
Do you want to find out if your website, computer or network can be or has been hacked?
Would you like to hack into a computer, website or network?

Bank account haking.

Credit card hacking

University Hacking.

Driving license records modification.

Vulnerability Assessment And Penetration Testing{VAPT}

Hack car tracking system.

Robust Email hacking.

Stop a query from appearing in google search or other search engines.

Remove Negative Links on Google.

Network Penetration testing.

Anonymous hacking.

Help in Removing Bad content from the Internet.



Zidexhackers which has been the premier hacker for hire in the world of years is owned by cyberhat proactive cyber defenses was established to provide first class services in the aspect of high level of internet security , private investigation and data recovery , software errors detection, software development and recovery of lost funds


Website Database Hacking.

Computer Hacking,Mobile Phone Hacking.

Bank account hacking and other financial services.

Vulnerability Assessment And Penetration Testing{VAPT}.

Ethical Hacking Services.

Anonymous hacking.